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English is a beautiful language and is one of the most commonly spoken languages across the globe. It is the language of the internet, business, entertainment, media, and computers. Over the last few years, the demand for English has increased worldwide. English has become the world's lingua franca. Indeed if you do not know English, it becomes very difficult to survive in today's world. Due to the love for English and the convenience it offers, many students take up courses in English languages and literature. Due to the Latin script, it becomes easy to learn English but, writing complex English assignments can be scary for the students.

Let's look into some of the reasons for which students fail to score well in the English assignments:

  • Lack of focus: Student life is fun, and most of the time, students are not focused while writing the assignments. They get indulged in other tasks while writing assignments, like listening to music or chatting with friends, which leads to errors and low-quality content in the assignments. It is essential to be focused to get new ideas while writing the assignments.
  • Complicated formats:Students are often confused about the formats of the assignments. The students have to be indulged in other activities during their course, like doing homework, solving test papers, etc., and everything has a different format. Hence, the students often get low scores as they do not follow the right format of the assignments.
  • Not enough understanding of the subject: During the course, the student may lack knowledge of the subjects, and due to this reason, they may fail to get impressive scores in the assignments. If the concepts are not clear, the students can take help from their teachers during the course. The students must make a sincere effort to have a clear concept so that he can write the assignments easily. If required he needs to spend more time in studies. He can take the help of other class-mates as well who understand the subjects well.
  • Lack of writing skills: Just knowledge is not enough; for scoring well in the assignments, the student must possess good writing skills to impress the professors. Students often lack the professionalism to handle assignments. They often use colloquial and informal language, which sets a wrong impression on the professors. Most of the students fail to write an impressive thesis statement. Ideally, the thesis should be to the point and informative. It is advisable to make a good outline of the academic paper and include the necessary elements like references, summary, appendix, etc., to score well. However, most of the students lack the patience to frame the outline, and they try to finish off the assignments hurriedly, leading to errors.
  • Difficult to meet deadlines:Writing the assignments well becomes a mandate if a student wants to boost his overall academic score. Through the assignments, the professors judge the knowledge and the skills of students. The students need to submit the assignments within the deadline, which becomes challenging due to the numerous other tasks that the student needs to take care of.
  • Lack of practice: As a wise person had once said, practice makes you perfect. The more you practice, the better your assignments can be. However, owing to the time constraints, the students find it challenging to practice, and as a result, they come off with poor-looking assignments that fail to get them a good score in the assignments.

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