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HR Management assignment help


HR Management assignment help - Online Human Resource Management assignment help

The human resource manager plays a pivotal role in the success of any organization. The HRM manager is responsible for training, recruiting, developing policies of people, and many more. In simple words, a human resource manager is an individual who plays an essential role in managing the human resources of an organization so that they can contribute more towards the organization's growth.

Let's take a sneak-peek into the crucial roles of a human resource manager in an organization:

  • A human resource manager plays an essential role in recruiting new staff. He also takes care of all the joining formalities of new employees. The HR manager will take care of all the on-boarding processes of new employees.
  • He ensures that the employees abide by the policies of an organization
  • The human resource manager plays a pivotal role in determining the salaries and compensation of the employees.
  • The HR manager also takes care of the performance review process and determines the employees' salary hike and promotions. Of course, this decision is taken by obtaining the performance inputs of the employees from the supervisors. If the HR manager feels that the employee's performance is not up to the mark, then a performance improvement program or a career development plan can also be suggested for the employees post discussing the same with the employees' supervisor.
  • The HR manager provides his support to the payroll requirements as well.
  • The HR manager takes care of the employee benefits and ensures that all employees get the organization's benefits
  • The HR manager remains responsible for taking appropriate decisions against the employees during any unlawful cases or malicious practices that can affect the organization's wellbeing. Cases of data theft, sexual harassment cases, drug abuse, other abuses of employees, etc., are all dealt with by the human resource manager with association with other departments as applicable.
  • The HR manager remains an integral part of the events and celebrations in the organization

These are some of the essential roles performed by the human resource manager. But these are not all; the HRM manager has many other roles and responsibilities as well. By being an HR manager, you can get many good job opportunities in reputed organizations and, you can earn a lot.

Skills required for Human resource management:

Let's look into some of the skills that an HR manager should possess:

  • Communication skills: Communication skill is an indispensable skill that an HR manager must possess to have a successful career. It is essential to communicate and collaborate to meet up the demands of this role. An HR manager often takes part in the meetings and can also conduct group meetings or 1-1 meetings as and when needed. Also, the HR manager sends important mailers to the employees and communicates to them about the organization's policies. To be successful as an HR manager, you must have strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Negotiation skills: As an HR manager, you may need to negotiate in different scenarios. Hence you must inculcate negotiation skills if you want to be a successful HR manager. The negotiation skills will be utilized while determining the salary of employees and in many other scenarios.
  • Understanding industry trends: If you want to have a successful career as an HR manager, it is crucial to understand the current industry trends. Knowledge of the industry trends will help you amend and frame new company policies as and when required.

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