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R is a popular and free programing language essentially used for statistical data manipulation and analysis. R programing language is widely employed by statisticians and data miners who develop statistical software and for data analysis. aside from being a language suitable for statistical data analysis, R is additionally a general-purpose programing language , which may be used for automate analyses, creating new functions that reach features of existing languages. It incorporates features of object-oriented programming and functional programming languages.

There are few topics covered in R programming

  • Vectors, Matrices and Arrays
  • Lists
  • Data Frames
  • Factors and Tables
  • R Programming Structures
  • Doing Math and Simulations in R
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Input/ Output
  • String Manipulation
  • Graphics
  • Debugging
  • Performance Enhancement: Speed and Memory
  • Interfacing R to other languages
  • Parallel R

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There are so many purposes that the R programing language is employed for a few of them are Statistical Interference R programing language is employed by many of the tiny and large scale industries. R is that the language to try to to the statistics. R programing language is that the first choice of the medical industries and lots of other government industries etc. Because it's used for handling the statistics of any company.

Data Analysis

The R language is employed in analyzing the info that is there's so much of the unexplored data therefore the data analysis part focuses on that a part of the info which is left unexplored. That©s Data analysis.

Machine learning Algorithm

The primary use of the R programing language is, the statistics and visualization of the working rate of any company and machine learning. R language©s work is usually associated with the workflow of the info scientist that's the info preparation and to speak the result.This is for what the R programing language is employed for.

Features of R programing language

R programming may be a tool to perform statistical computation virtually. Which helps us save time and produces error-free work?.

  • R programing language provides us great data handling and efficient storage facility.
  • It is an interpreted language.
  • It may be a vector-based language and it allows us to manage many calculations at an equivalent time
  • It supports array and lists and matrix calculations.

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